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During the last few years, Canadian soybean production has increased significantly and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. We are a producer and exporter of Canadian Soybeans.

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Canadian export

Canada exported 1.57 billion dollars worth of soybeans in 2019, making it the fifth-largest soybean exporter in the world.

Top quality

According to exporter Statistics of Canada reports, soybean ranked 42nd in the Canadian list of top exports for the same period.

Major countries

The countries that buy the most beans from Canada are: Iran, Japan, Bangladesh, Italy, and the Netherlands .

Processed Soybean Products in Canada

Soybean production in Canada began somewhere after the 1920s around Windsor, southwest of Ontario. However, thanks to the extensive soybean breeding programs and enhancement of cold weather tolerance traits, soybean farms were extended. Eventually, the financially efficient soybean production industry was started in the mid-70s and has been improving significantly ever since.

Genetically modified soybeans are well adapted to the cool climate of Canada. The refinement programs are still running, in order to provide short-seasoned, high-quality seeds that in turn, reward the industry with enormous yields. Paired with modern cultivation techniques and rotation programs, the amount of harvest per ha is increased immensely.

Productivity potentials are considerably developed throughout the time. Every stage of handling, processing, and shipping is accurately programmed and implemented. The entire soybean stock is rigorously supervised by the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC). This administration system is responsible for implementing governmental regulatory policies to maintain grain standards for Canadian products.