Bennett's Soybeans Company has proudly served as a premier Canadian supplier of high-quality, food-grade soybeans for several decades. Our soybeans possess unique and desirable traits that make them ideal for various culinary applications, including edamame, tofu, soy sauce, and miso. As the leading global provider of premium-grade soybeans, Canada has consistently expanded its production of commodity-grade soybeans over the years.

At Bennett's Soybeans Company, we take immense pride in our longstanding tradition of delivering top-notch soybeans to our customers. We strive to meet the evolving needs of the market while maintaining the highest standards of quality and consistency. By partnering with us, you gain access to the finest Canadian soybeans and tap into a world of possibilities for your culinary, nutritional, and industrial endeavors.


Canada is the world's largest producer of pulses


We take pride in being a leading Canadian soybean producer, utilizing our extensive farm expertise to ensure that the soybeans we provide meet the unique requirements of each customer. In doing so, we prioritize the preservation of Canada's abundant natural resources and productive agricultural landscapes. Our operations commence at Canadian grain elevators, where the journey of soybeans from the fields begins. Through meticulous sorting, cleaning, and grading processes, we prepare the soybeans for packaging and eventual exportation.

Moreover, the potential of Canadian soybeans extends far beyond their primary uses. These versatile beans can be processed into a diverse range of products, such as animal feedstock, pure vegetable oils, protein sources, and an increasing array of industrial goods. With Canada's commitment to innovation and sustainability, the opportunities for soybean utilization in various industries continue to grow.


Bennett's Soybeans excels as a leading soybean exporter, catering to global demands by providing top-quality products. We proudly export a significant share of Canada's soybean harvest, representing nearly two-thirds of the country's production. Our offerings include both unprocessed soybeans and meticulously processed final products.In our commitment to customer satisfaction, we forge strong partnerships with clients worldwide. By closely collaborating with them, we ascertain their specific requirements and diligently strive to meet and exceed their expectations. This collaborative approach ensures that we deliver the precise quality our customers seek, consistently fulfilling their diverse needs.


When it comes to sourcing soybeans, Canada emerges as an outstanding option deserving of utmost consideration. The country offers an extensive collection of soybean varieties, specifically bred to exhibit extraordinary resistance against a wide spectrum of environmental factors, bugs, and diseases. Notably, an impressive 80% of Canadian soybeans possess the remarkable ability to withstand the potent effects of weed killers, making them an ideal choice for farmers seeking resilient and low-maintenance crops. By opting for soybeans from Canada, you can be assured of obtaining top-quality products that can thrive even in challenging conditions, contributing to a successful and profitable harvest.Bennett's Soybeans is here to help you if you are looking to buy soybeans in Canada, We are a well-known Canadian supplier and exporter. Our team is constantly searching for the best soybean from farms across the country to meet your specific needs at the most competitive price.