Canadian Soybean Oil

Soybeans are considered one of the most critical oilseeds around the world. Essentially, soybean oil is extracted for food purposes; but other sectors, including various agricultural applications, therapeutic and industrial practices also benefit from the product. According to world statistics, soybean oil has become the most dominant vegetable oil by far.

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Canada soybean oil exporter

It is estimated that Canada exports about 300,000 tonnes of soybean oil every year, which will continue to grow as Canada's export potential increases. Bennett’s Soybean is a major exporter of soybean oil to more than 50 countries. We are experts in exporting soybean oils that's why Bennett's Soybean is well known in this industry.


Soybean oil is provided with beneficial lipid compositions, including unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic, linolenic, and linoleic acid. A great portion of the soybean oil produced in Canada is exported in bulk to global customers. According to official statements, the annual soybean oil production in this country has crossed 300,000 tons so far. We can optimistically hope for this amount to grow in the near future.

Crude Degummed Soybean oil

Degummed soybean oil is provided on individual request, or by agreements on the trader’s end. Crude degummed oil is mainly used for livestock feed or industrial uses, but some refinement could enhance the properties fair enough for human consumption as well. To produce crude degummed soybean oil, the average quality soybeans saved by farmers are extruded by means of expelling paired with solvent application. Next, the remaining lecithin is separated, generally by hydration.

Refined, Bleached, and Deodorized Soybean Oil

Refined, bleached, and deodorized soybean oil (also known as RBD soybean oil) is used in general cooking, confectionery, and industrial practices. The original oil is extracted from average-level soybeans, before undergoing refinement and deodorizing procedures for fatty acid removal and elimination of rancidity or unfavorable odors. The end product is available to global markets, and the quality of soybeans would be altered based on customer demand.

Soy Flour Canada

Compared to other grains, soybean flour is superior in terms of greater protein concentration, being gluten-free and more digestible. Canadian processing plants offer various types of soybean flour in form of fine bakery flour, full-fat flour, and rough extruder flour. The baking properties of soybean flour provide higher moisture content with enhanced texture and richer flavor.

Food-grade soybeans are also highly demanded by processing manufacturers. Popular ingredients such as tofu, soy sauce, soy milk, gluten-free goods, and protein powders are traded worldwide. Certain byproducts and biochemical components of soybeans are also available. Pharmaceutic products, biofuel, food additives (such as lecithin and emulsifying agents) are good examples.