Canadian Soybean Meal Supplier and Exporter

Bennett’s Soybean is a Canadian premier supplier and exporter of Soybean Meal, In 2019, Canada exported over 24 billion dollars worth of soybean meal, and if current trends continue, we could expect this number to reach even higher levels.

Canadian soybeans

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Canada soybeans

Soybean Meal exporter in Canada

Bennett’s Soybean is a leading soybean meal exporter in Canada and we provide our customers with a wide range of soy meals in this field, based on years of experience and plenty of knowledge.

The company has close ties and transactions with scores of major food companies in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.


Top Quality Non-GMO Soybeans

Soybean meal producer in Canada

Bennett’s Soybeans has been a Canadian soy meal producer for many big industries and is an excellent choice for importers looking for a soy meal. We have a lot of up-to-date technology for production that puts us in front of our competitors. This resulted in Bennett's soybean becoming one of the most known producers in Canada.

Buy soybean meal from Canada

If you are interested in purchasing soybean meals from Canada. Bennett’s soybean is a professional soy meals producer that offers the best prices and an excellent quality soybean meal. Please contact us with your inquiry and we will be happy to assist you.

Best-quality soybean meal supplier in Canada

Bennett's Soybean is known for being a reliable supplier of soybean meal in Canada. It is estimated that we will supply about 90,000 tons of soybean meal in 2022, and these numbers are only going to increase. The soybean meal supplied is used for animal feed in approximately 98 percent of the cases, and it is also used to feed birds and chickens. The remaining two percent is processed into flour that is used by humans.